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Matt Mallory

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Look for civilian classes taught by Matt at our facility the first week of January!  

Founder and Lead Instructor of Public Safety and Education (a.k.a. PS&Ed), Matthew J. Mallory is a U.S. Army veteran, former adjunct college professor, nationally recognized self-defense educator, and published author.

Matt is a highly experienced firearms instructor whose passion for weapons and self-defense began at a very young age. Currently, he works as a sworn New York State Law Enforcement Officer, firearms instructor (USCCA, NRA, ILEETA, UTM, Utah, and New York), self-defense instructor (NY, TASER, ASP, Safariland, and Sabre Red), writer, and gun store owner.

He teaches more than 60 different courses, over 200 times each year, to many thousands of civilian and law enforcement students, all over the country. He is a public speaker/presenter, co-host of the IMDb listed talk-show Meet The Pressers, writes articles for numerous national publications, has traveled the county working as a brand ambassador and pro staff for many companies (USCCA, Laser Ammo, Shooter’s Technology Group, Mantis, and Angel Armor), and is the author of the pepper spray book and curriculum with the USCCA – to be released in 2020.

You can learn more about Matt at

Pam Barnum


Pamela Barnum worked for years undercover in the Drug Enforcement Section. She learned real-world techniques for building trust and interpreting body language.

While working full-time as an undercover police officer, Pamela completed law school and accepted a position as a federal prosecuting attorney. She spent countless hours in the courtroom, perfecting her techniques in deception detection.

Observing witnesses, judges, and juries for years helped Pamela decode the clues of deception. Of course, being the mom of a teenager has also helped

In graduate school, Pamela studied corporate negotiations and applied those skills to the nonverbal communication techniques she learned over two decades while working in the criminal justice system.

Pamela has applied her experience and knowledge to teach others how to detect deception and interpret nonverbals in their personal and professional lives.

Pamela has spoken in front of audiences ranging from 50 to 12,000 in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Her recent TEDx Talk, “What Drug Dealers Taught Me About Trust” was viewed more than 200,000 times in the first six months.

Find out more at

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