STEP Genesis

The STEP program grew out of The National Association of Chiefs of Police's  desire to provide the best possible safety and firearms training through world-class instructors.


Our world-class instructors reported that their students always asked "what class can I take next?" NACOP and our instructors worked together to create the syllabus of classes found on this web site so that YOU can maximize skill, knowledge and comfort with firearms, hand-to-hand encounters and situational awareness in any and all situations!

STEP Credits

Classes are divided into four levels ranging from beginner to advanced tactical, with each class offering credits that you accrue by filling out a Student Registration Card each time you take a class.

You then become eligible

for discounts, free training, or advance notice of special training
opportunities (STOs). And, once you reach 50 credits, you are awarded a "Tactical Proficiency Diploma" based on the combination of credits. Additional credits will also lead to high-end awards and gifts.

Highly Skilled

Our trainers are world-class law enforcement, military, NRA, and
USCCA trainers who offer training in our venue for far less than you would typically pay elsewhere.

We offer ladies classes, specialized training for groups or companies, off-site classes, Spanish-speaking classes and so much more.

Our tactical training is intense, inspiring and designed to help you understands the limits of your equipment and of your previous training. Our instructors are always willing to talk to you to discuss your level of readiness for any given class.


And also be sure to look for many of our instructors on www.shootingclasses.com. This exciting new web innovation serves both instructors and students alike and is revolutionizing how trainers and students find each other...just like NACOP is revolutionizing the way students train! 

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