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FL Statutes 790 & 776

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Proud partner & supporter of the United States Concealed Carry Association.


Safety Training
Education Program

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2022 STEP TRaining Calendar

Our NEW calendar includes BOTH STEP (civilian) classes and LEEP (law enforcement) classes, as well as Museum-related events or activities. GREEN BOX classes are for law enforcement ONLY. BLUE BOX classes are civilian/general public. 

For all class related questions, email

NOW an official Sig Academy Partner!

Check the calendar below for the world-class Sig Academy classes! Sig is partnering with our facility because our instructional and philosophical styles mesh. NOW you can learn from our highly skilled instructors AND from Sig's world-class personnel. A match made in heaven! To check out the Sig Sauer site, click HERE.

"What Classes Do I Take (and in what order)?"

Dear Shooters,

If you are brand new to shooting, start with a "First Time Holding A Gun" class in order to learn about parts of a gun, proper grip and stance, storing and/or carrying your gun, ammunition, basic defensive techniques and to shoot a .22 and 9 mm a couple times.


For the LADIES who are new to shooting or those who want to put in some practice time, we offer Ladies Only Shooting on Saturdays from 8:30 to Noon and Wednesdays from 3:00 to 7:00. It will only cost you $9 (plus ammo) and includes lane use, gun rental, eyes/ears and free instruction. Email Janey Hicks at with questions.  


Ladies, we also offer USCCA's Basic & Intermediate Women-only class and Advanced Women-only class. You can find out more by contacting Tara Dixon Engel at


Guys, (and ladies) our Tactical Practical every Friday is also a great way to test and improve your skill. 30 round minimum -- a different course each week. Only $10 to shoot!


Next, we recommend any of our Concealed Carry Classes. These include the following (look for them on the calendar below):

  • The 3-hour Florida CCW and Defensive Handgun Fundamentals. This class offers one hour on gun-handling basics, one hour on the law and personal defense, and one hour for qualification time on the range. NOT for beginners. Class assumes you know the basics. Cost: $65

  • We regularly offer a USCCA Concealed Carry & Home Defense class, a more comprehensive approach to personal defense, concealed carry, gun handling, home defense and more. This class can be taken by beginners or anyone wanting a more in-depth education. Cost: $85

  • If you are over 50, we also offer regular Senior CCW classes. This class focuses on senior concerns, equipment and challenges as they related to firearms and defensive shooting. Cost: $85

  • We also offer diagnostic one-on-one classes for civilians and law enforcement taught by John Falldorf, our FDLE-certified trainer. John can be reached at

  • Did you know you can set up a private Concealed Carry class with four or more people? Email for more information.


Once you complete your CCW class, we recommend a trio of follow-on classes, taught by Radio Personality/trainer Royce Bartlett, that are designed to refine your skills and prepare you for advanced training. These classes are: Precision Pistol Marksmanship, Defensive Pistol Marksmanship, and Concealed Pistol Fundamentals.


To expand your skills and knowledge, we encourage you to explore "Sig Academy" classes through Sig Sauer, with whom we are a training partner. Novice shooters can start with Sig's Handgun 101 class and progress through 102, 103 and 104, becoming stronger and more confident with every course. Then you can expand into the MANY other exciting Sig courses you can find by clicking Here.


You can also set up specific classes for your office or group; or put together a group training package that includes a class, a museum tour, simulator time and MORE. Email Janey Hicks for commercial and group sales and if you have any training-related questions at  

Frequently Asked Question:

Q. Just got my CCW license. Do I need more training?

A. Short answer: YES! You've only scratched the surface. Poking holes in targets is a far cry from defensive shooting.

Learn how YOU and your equipment react under pressure. Learn it on the range under expert instruction...NOT in a street fight for your life!

Check the calendar class descriptions below and the syllabus for your next steps. Classes like "Precision Pistol Marksmanship," "Defensive Pistol Fundamentals," and more are great options!

EMAIL an instructor for more information and to find out if you are ready for a class. Emails are listed under Instructor BIOs. 

One-on-One Training


If you'd rather have some more directed instruction, either before or after a class, most of our instructors offer one-on-one training. 

To schedule instruction time one-on-one, you may either email or email the instructor you specifically want to work with (click "Instructor Bios". Each bio has email).  Pricing will depend on the type of training you and your instructor agree on.

One-on-one instruction can be set up based on your schedule and budget.

We look forward to serving you!   

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